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PMC Based ARINC-825, CANaerospace, XCT Interface

Notice - This board has been discontinued in favor of our new 16-Channel Isolated CAN Card.

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PowerNECS Enclosure with 4-Channel PMC825 Board.

ICS has released the world's first production ready ARINC-825 card.  This is available as an 8-Channel NON-ISOLATED or 4 Channel ISOLATED board.  This board can be placed in a carrier board for universal acceptance in virtually any backplane or motherboard.  Form factors include, but are not necessarily  limited  to,   PCI,   cPCI,   VME and PCI-Express, and standalone PowerNECS.

The ARINC825 solution consists of the PMC825 (PCI Mezzanine Card) with 4 optically isolated or 8 non-isolated CAN interfaces, two local 200MHz  PowerPC processors, the corresponding firmware, software drivers for  various operating systems and the XCT toolbox.

The PMC825 can be used as a standalone embedded system (PowerNECS) or as an ARINC825 interface in host computers providing either PCI, cPCI, PCI Express, PCI-X or VME slots.

The standalone version (PowerNECS) integrates the PMC825 module into a rugged aluminum box that can be powered from 9-36 VDC allowing it to run from standard 14V or 28V DC aircraft power buses and may be used for flight test applications.

Product Highlights:

  • High Density ARINC-825 I/O, up to 8 non-isolated or 4 galvanically isolated busses per PMC module
  • ARINC-825 and CANaerospace software implementation by Stock Flight Systems, a part of the Aircraft Data Network group of the Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee responsible for defining the ARINC-825 standard.  
  • Bosch CAN Controllers implemented in Virtex 4 FPGA for flexibility and higher density
  • PMC form factor
  • 64-bit 66 MHz Bus Mastering PCI interface
  • Carrier boards for PCI, 3U cPCI, 6U cPCI (dual modules), VME, and PCI Express.
  • True Dual-Port RAM  interface between HOST CPU and ARINC-825/CANaerospace/XCT Data
  • Single or Dual On-board 450 MHz PowerPC processors
  • IRIG B time code input for data timestamps




Part Numbers and Pricing:

  • TP2004-901 - PMC825 with 4 optically isolated CAN channels, PCI driver software, PCI/Ethernet API and XCT toolbox
  • TP2008-901 - PMC825 with 8 non-isolated CAN channels, PCI driver software, PCI/Ethernet API and XCT toolbox
  • TP9003-901 - PowerNECS enclosure option with 9-36VDC power input according to EN 2282, for TP2004-901 or TP2008-901, including 120/240V AC adaptor for lab use


Pricing of Carrier Boards for refernce only.  Subject to Change without notice.  Please contact ICS for quote.

  • TP9050-901 - PCI carrier board option for TP2004-901 or TP2008-901
  • TP9052-901 - PCIe carrier board option for TP2004-901 or TP2008-901

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