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TP3001-903 Dual Channel 1000BaseCX Interface Card for AS6802 Applications


New ICS designed communications board that is perfect for implementation, test, and simulation of that next high speed, transformer coupled, deterministic Ethernet based protocol such as AS6802 based communications.  Extensive on-board and on-chip resources allow implementation of customer's protocols by ICS or by the end customer.  

The TP3001-903 is a 2-channel PMC based interface card for implementation of SAE AS6802 Time Triggered Ethernet protocols. The XILINX FX60 based PMC card has dual 1000BaseCX interfaces along with a third 10/100/1000BaseT interface for data transfer and control.

The PMC form factor of this board allows for use in a multitude of host platforms such as PCI, PCI Express, PCIX, compact PCI, VME, and even as an 9-36 VDC aircraft powered stand-alone platform  that interfaces to a laptop or other platform via 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet.



Product Highlights:

  • DUAL 1000BaseCX Ethernet Interface Transformer Coupled, QUADRAX Connected
  • IRIG-B GPS PPS Timing Input
  • RS-232/RS-485
  • Based on ICS PMC Multi-I/O Interface platform
  • 64-bit / 32-bit,  Universal voltage, 66 MHz Bus Mastering PCI interface
  • Carrier boards for PCI, 3U cPCI, 6U cPCI (dual modules), VME, and PCI Express.
  • Uses Xilinx Virtex-4 FX60 FPGA for customers protocol implementation
  • Dual PowerPC 405 Processors on board
  • MicroSD Interface with FAT32 file system support
  • Up to 512MB onboard DDR RAM
  • PMC Single Module Form Factor
  • Universal 5V, 3.3V Signaling
  • Up to 512MB Flash
  • Dedicated Onboard SATA Disk Interface


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