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Download the latest version of the ARINC 664 ProView software (proview v3.1 installer.exe) from our website:


In order to run the packaged installer, you must run it from a user account which has administrative permissions.  If you do not have such an account on your target machine, please contact your system administrator.

  • Run the installer.  If asked to run or save the file click on 'Run'


  • If you are warned that the publisher could not be verified, click on 'Run' again.




  • You will see a screen that says welcome to ARINC 664 ProView Setup Wizard.  Press 'Next >'
  • Select the folder to install the software to and press 'Next >' (The default location is "ProgramFiles->ARINC 664 ProView" and is recommended by ICS.
  • The next window will create the Start Menu shortcuts.  Press 'Next >'
  • The Next window will ask you about additional components.

The default install will allow only playback of existing data.  If you need to capture data, select BOTH 'Install WinPcap' and 'Install KeyLock Driver'




  • The next windows says ready to install.  Press 'Install' to continue.
  • Now the KEYLOK Security Key Installation will start.  Select 'USB Dongle' and Standalone Type.  

DO NOT attach USB dongle if you have one until the entire installation process has completed.

  • Press 'OK' on the popup window and press 'Begin Install'
  • After the KEYLOK install has completed you will see a window that says Install Success!  If you have a KEYLOK dongle, please insert it now and let the auto hardware wizard run.  If you do not, please press close on the KEYLOK installer.
  • Next you will need to install WinPcap 4.1.2.  Please use the version bundled as previous versions of WinPcap may cause issues with the ARINC 664 ProView software.
  • Press 'Next >' and press 'Next >' again on the next window.
  • Read through the agreement and press 'I Agree' to accept the WinPcap License Agreement to continue installation.
  • Leave 'Automatically start the WinPcap driver at boot time' checked and press 'Install'.
  • After installation press Finish.
  • At this point the ARINC 664 ProView Software will start.  There is also a shortcut on your Desktop and in the Start Menu.


You must insert the USB KEYLOK Dongle before you start the ARINC 664 ProView Software.  The dongle will not be recognized by ProView if it is plugged in while ProView is running.