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The software included with this notice is a fully functional release of the ARINC 664 ProView software tool, which allows recording and playing back of Rockwell Collins® specific ARINC 664 data on a Windows platform. It also incorporates the functionality of the ARINC 664 Configuration Tool. A KEYLOK USB dongle is required for live recording of more than 5 minutes of data at a time.


In order to use this program, you will be required to supply a Rockwell-Collins® Harvest™ Database. ICS cannot supply this for you. The configuration tool requires a Harvest database to create a configuration file.




Revision 3.1:

Release Date: 2013-04-09

  • Added the ability to specify a second Ethernet interface in the ProView Configuration Page.  This allows capture and recording of live data from two Ethernet interfaces, eliminating the need for an external switch.  Note that the data from both interfaces will be recorded into a single file when recording is enabled.


Revision 3.0:

Release Date: 2012-12-26

  • Added a Database Search Tool to allow searching of the parameter NDO tables in the database using the NDO ID, ARINC Label Number, WKS, Package, or any other field found in the tables. See the F1 Help for details regarding this tool.
  • Added extraction of the parameter units from the database, when available, and display of the units in the channel MAP and main ProView displays.
  • Added an option to scale ARINC parameter values based on the LSB value provided in the database.


Note that MAP and CFG files generated with previous versions of ProView will not allow displaying of the
units or scaling of ARINC parameters.


Version 2.0:

Release Date: 2012-09-10


  • Added an option to the Configuration Tool to generate a Comma-Separated Value (CSV) file based on the parameters currently being displayed. All information extracted from the database during parameter selection will be written to the CSV file for each displayed parameter.
  • Added a configuration page to ProView for more user-friendly configuration. All fields on theconfiguration page will retain their values through application re-launches.
Version 1.0:
Release Date: 2012-05-30 
This is the initial fully-functional release of the tool. All functionality is available; however, recording will automatically be stopped after 5 minutes unless a purchased KEYLOK dongle is obtained from Innovative Control Systems. The software may be closed and re-started in order to perform another 5 minute recording without a dongle. This can be repeated indefinitely. The software may also be used to create configuration files for our ARINC 664 Flight Test / Simulator Interface Unit. The software will work for configuration file generation and recorded dataset playback without the requirements to purchase or install a dongle. You may install as many copies as you wish for configuration and playback activities without limitation. A KEYLOK dongle is only required if you wish to record live data for more than 5 minutes at a time.
Refer the Quick Start Instructions to begin using the ProView software. Further usage detail can be found by pressing F1 or Help->Contents once the application is installed and running.