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ASCB-D Stand Alone Telemetry and Acquisition Interface


The MINI-TIS is a small form factor rugged ASCB interface solution designed to allow easy interface of telemetry and acquisition systems to the Honeywell ASCB bus used in PRIMUS EPIC systems. The MINI-TIS system uses the same ICS developed technology as our DataTap Bus Readers to interface to the ASCB bus.

Also used in the interface system is an ICS developed Adaptable Parallel Interface Card or APIC in a PC-104 PLUS form factor. This board provides the interface to the data acquisition or telemetry equipment in the form of a highly configurable parallel bus attached to a 256 Kbyte Dual port RAM. The card is easily customized due to the use of an in-circuit reprogrammable Field Programmable Gate Array or FPGA. This board currently supports both addressable Dual Port RAM and PCM parallel interfaces and includes Time-Tag registers to allow for data alignment in data acquisition equipment that is not running synchronously with the ASCB D Bus.

ASCB D parameters are selected for placement in the dual port RAM buffer or in a PCM data stream by a ICS Developed Microsoft Windows based software package which creates a configuration file for the TIS. This configuration software does not run on the TIS, but on your own desktop or laptop system. The software allows a Graphical User Interface to parameters read directly from the Honeywell ESCAPE databases for the Aircraft under test.

Product Highlights:

  • The product is designed specifically to translate and record Honeywell® ASCB version D data to ICS UDP Ethernet format
  • The MINI-TIS can process over 1000 parameters in real-time to UDP Ethernet output stream. On board recording to Solid State Disk Drive is optional and records both busses in real-time.
  • The MINI-TIS is 28V Aircraft Powered (9-36 VDC input <30 watts)
  • The MINI-TIS is not capable of transmitting on the ASCB-D bus.



Part Numbers and Pricing:

  • TP1200-901 - ASCB-D MINI-TIS aircraft powered ASCB-D interface System
  • Please Request Quote, Price depends on several options available

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