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ASCB-D Stand Alone Recording Flight Test Interface

Utis Small


The stand alone Recording µTIS integrates the ICS TP1001-902 ASCB RX Only 4-channel ASCB-D Interface Card module into a rugged aluminum box that can be powered from 9-36 VDC allowing it to run from standard 14V or 28V DC aircraft power buses for flight test applications.

The µTIS design is done entirely in embedded hardware / software. Most processing is done in a XILINX FPGA device implemented in VHDL. The majority of the ASCB-D data processing is done in real-time in hardware using Finite State Machines to process the data. This removes the burden from the on-board CPUs and allows for a larger number of parameters to be processed at a lower power consumption.


See a printable brochure at:   uTIS Brochure


Product Highlights:

  • The product is designed specifically to translate and record Honeywell® ASCB-D data to ICS UDP Ethernet format
  • The μTIS can process over 2000 ASCB-D parameters in real-time to UDP Ethernet output stream. Optional On board recording of ASCB-D Bus to Solid State Disk Drive. Support for Internal SSD Disks or Removable Compact Flash (up to 19 hours recording time).
  • No external Bus Interface Adapters (BIAs) required as in present MINI-TIS or TISLT1 platforms. The μTIS uses same bus interface circuitry as existing Mini-TIS  and TISLT1 Bus Interface Adapters, but these are  internal to the μTIS.
  • Full MINI-TIS capability of ASCB-D parameter conversion and recording is possible in a smaller and more rugged package.
  • The μTIS uses same ASCB-D configuration tools as Mini-TIS and TISLT1
  • The μTIS is 28V Aircraft Powered (9-36 VDC input <12 watts)
  • The μTIS is not capable of transmitting on the ASCB-D bus.
  • Weight: 1 Kg in standard configuration
  • 192 mm L x 92mm W x 71mm H
  • Side Access for Micro SD Disk Storage and Optional CF recording media for ASCB-D Recording
  • No Moving Parts

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Part Numbers and Pricing:

  • TP1100-901 - ASCB-D µTIS aircraft powered standalone
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