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RTRU 800 400HZ PSUSolid State 12-Pulse 400 HZ Regulated-Transformer-Rectifier-Unit  for Pure DC Ground Power

ICS Designed and Built for use on AC ground power units as a source of MIL-STD-704 28 VDC power for DC powered aircraft. 13.5VDC to 29.5 VDC Heavy Duty Regulated Power Supply with 400HZ (50/60Hz based units also available) 3-PH 200V PH-PH input. This is one tough power supply with 800 AMPS continuous output and 2000 AMP Soft-Start Engine Start. Shown on the right is both an exterior view and interior view. In the interior view, the massive 34KVA custom designed transformer can be seen. This is a 200V PH-PH 400HZ three phase input transformer with voltage matched three phase delta and three phase wye outputs. This arrangement allows for a 400 HZ 6 Phase input to the 12-pulse rectifier banks. The resulting 4800 HZ ripple frequency becomes much easier to filter at this frequency and the result is a super low ripple very clean DC output.

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Product Highlights:

  • 200V PH-PH 3Phase  400 Hz Input Power 28 VDC (13.5—29.5 VDC)
  • Adjustable Output
  • 800 Amps Continuous Output Power
  • 2000 Amp (adjustable) Soft-Start Engine Starting 
  • Adjustable Voltage and Current Limit from remote  operators panel (13.5-29.5 VDC 300-2400 AMPS)
  • Over voltage Limit internally adjustable. (Factory set at 32.0 VDC)
  • Over-current Factory set at 2400 Amps.
  • 34KVA  Custom Transformer  with 12-pulse rectifier and output filter  for  less than 100 mV ripple at full 800 AMP  current.
  • Ripple well below MIL-STD-704F and all commercial aircraft power quality standards.
  • Low input harmonic distortion enables simultaneous use of GPU AC and DC power outputs.
  • Fully regulated output voltage and current.
  • Phase Loss and Phase Imbalance  protection
  • Separate SCR, Transformer, and Rectifier Over Temperature Protection
  • Three internal cooling fans with Fan Fault Detection
  • Remote Operators Panel with Voltage Adjustment, Current Adjustment, Lighted Output Contactor Control, and Lighted Fault Indicator / Reset. in NEMA 4X enclosure
  • Phase Angle Controlled SCR Regulator  for precise control of output voltage and current.
  • 12-pulse 6 Phase Rectifier unit for 4800 Hz fundamental ripple below 100 mV  RMS.
  • Heavy Duty Cooling design for Extreme  Duty  use.
  • Heavy Duty Output Contactor
  • Custom NEMA  enclosure
  • Designed for Trailer  Mounting  on Alliance Ground Power GPU’s See:




Part Numbers and Pricing:

  • Part Number: RTRU-800-400HZ - 28VDC 800AMP Regulated Power Supply with 400HZ input
  • Pricing: Please request Quotation