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Multi I/O PMC Board

ICS has already done most of the design work for you!  This board is designed with a connector for customer selectable endplate configuration.  You can specify almost any type of jack and we can add it to our board effortlessly.  This means that we can use whatever connector you need, with whatever protocol you need, on a board that has already been designed and is currently in production.  This leads to a significant reduction in engineering and production time while keeping development costs to a bare minimum.

The Xilinx Vertex 4 fPGA used at the core of this design contains two PowerPC processor cores and we have installed up to 512 MB of onboard RAM memory.  It also contains compact flash onboard and features a uSDHC card slot.  This design tool is the most flexible on the market for heavy needs in a compact form.

This card is a PMC card which means that it can fit with a carrier into almost any form factor you need.  Carriers are available for but not limited to:

  • PCI
  • PCI Express
  • cPCI
  • VME
  • Several More

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